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Although we know that life comes to an end, it's often difficult to plan for this inevitable fact.  More people are beginning to understand that taking care of things ahead of time can relieve the burden on their loved ones.  Planning your final arrangements in advance is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family.

A Last, Best Gift For the People You Love Most

With our funeral pre-planning arrangement program, families can see the advantages and peace of mind of:

  • Making decisions together rather than making them alone at a most difficult time

  • Pre-arranging and pre-funding one's own funeral (like other major life events, funerals require planning)

  • Eliminating emotional overspending that often occurs at time of need when pre-planning has not occurred

  • Locking in funeral costs at today's prices with over 2,000 Participating Providers (costs increased 28.6% in the last decade but increased 87% in the decades of highest inflation)
  • Fully paying the cost of your package in a lump sum or in installments (in contrast, total traditional life and final expense premiums are usually payable until death and can greatly exceed the cost of a pre-planned funeral arrangement program)

When Your Death Occurs, Which Of These Two  Statements Would You Have Preferred To Be Applicable?

"We took care of this years ago"


"I wanted to take care of this years ago but didn't"

Click the Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements page to learn more.  Call Paul Cholak, licensed pre-need specialist, at 561-922-9316  for more information or to make an in-home appointment.


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