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Consider This: While You Can’t Predict Life’s Outcome, You CAN Prepare For It!

Most significant events in our lives (like funerals) require planning; you rarely just let them happen.

Today, pre-arranging and pre-funding one’s own funeral is not uncommon.   According to the AARP Funeral and Burial Planners Survey (2015) it’s estimated that of all Americans over the age of 50:

·         34% have pre-planned for their own funeral; and

·         24% have pre-paid at least a portion of their funeral or burial expenses

Ask Yourself These Questions

·         If you were to pass away today, would your final wish be burial or cremation?

·         Do your spouse, children or other family members know your wishes?

·         How will your final arrangements be paid?

·         How much will they cost?

·         Where will this information be stored?

·         Who’ll carry out your wishes?

An important difference between a memorable funeral and a memorable wedding Is how they’re planned.  If you don’t pre-plan, perhaps the greatest difference is you only have a few days (sometimes one) to plan a funeral and in many instances up to a year or more to plan a wedding.

Initial Steps Can Have A Big Impact:  Not All The Decisions Need To Be Made Today!

Make basic arrangements  and set aside funds today.  If and when you’re ready to plan more details, meet with your licensed pre-planning specialist or Participating Provider to make additional arrangements.

In The Past There Have Been Four Common Ways To Pay For A Funeral

·         Traditional Life Insurance:  These are funds intended to be left to your family and may not be immediately available.

·         Personal Savings: These are funds for day-to-day living.  In the event of a lengthy illness, they may have eroded significantly.

·         Credit Card or Loan:  This approach leaves heirs in debt.

·         Family and Friends:  Borrowing from family and friends can be embarrassing as well as a financial strain to repay.

Fortunately, There’s A Better Option: Pre-Funded Funeral Arrangements

·         Choose from 12 different standard packages (3 of these are chosen most commonly).

·         Pay the cost of the package in a lump sum and avoid any additional payments.

·         Pay in installments from 3-10 years.

              o   Full Benefit Multi-Pay (covered from day of issue).  Health Questions Required.

              o   Return of Premium Multi-Pay (return of premium plus 3% interest if death occurs in first two years;  thereafter covered for face amount).

Once you pay by lump sum or complete your installment payments your program is fully paid off.  This differs from traditional life or final expense insurance where in most cases you pay up to date of death, which can be many years after your Pre-Funded Funeral Arrangements would have been paid in full.

YOU’RE GUARANTEED THAT ALL THE ITEMS IN YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE CONSIDERED PAID IN FULL IF YOU USE PLAN PROVIDERS. (This guarantee doesn't apply if you have a Return of Premium plan, are paying in installments and die within the first two years.)

Other Services And Benefits

You’ll be entitled to these free services and benefits as part of your package:

·         Child/Grandchild Protection Plan—Acknowledging that nothing can ease the pain of losing a child or grandchild, the Program will provide funeral or cremation services at no cost, up to the level of the package you have selected, through any Participating Provider.  Please note the child or grandchild must be under 21 and not be under the care of a medical practitioner for any chronic ailment or disease when listed on the Child and Grandchild Protection Plan Certificate.  Protection continues until age 21 even if you pre-decease the child or grandchild. Unfortunately, this benefit is not available in Maryland.

·         National Transferability—If you move more than 75 miles from where your original advance arrangements were made, your prearranged funeral services are fully transferable and will be honored by more than 2,000 Participating Providers in North America.

·         Compassion Helpline—The Compassion Helpline offers families unlimited complimentary phone access to professional grief counselors for 13 months after services are provided by any Participating Provider throughout North America.  In addition, anyone who attends a visitation, chapel or memorial service provided through a Participating Provider will have three months of access to the Compassion Hotline

In addition, you can purchase the Transportation and Relocation Protection Plan for $499.  This Plan helps families cope with the unexpected.  With just one phone call, you can take care of everything needed to bring a deceased loved one home at no cost.   You can fund this Plan as part of your package or you can purchase it separately.

Get Started

  • Set up an appointment and finalize your wishes with a licensed pre-need planning specialist.
  • Establish your Pre-planned Funeral Insurance Arrangement.  Consider easily paying in a lump sum by:
    • Lump sum transfer from savings, cd's, money market accounts, or annuities; and/or
    • Transfer funds from the cash values in an existing life insurance policy (this is called a 1035 Exchange).

Note:  No funds are being paid into a trust under this Program.  The funding of the Program is through the payment of premiums (or a lump-sum installment) to purchase a life insurance policy.